Become a member

1. The applicant expresses interest in becoming a member

Simply complete and return the form by clicking on “application form” or by clicking here.

2. The applicant receives his application file

Following the expression of interest, the General Delegation sends the applicant a file consisting of two documents:

  • Fact sheet 1: Application form Fact sheet 1 - Application form
  • Fact sheet 2: Identity form (questionnaire)
3. The applicant returns his file duly completed to the COLEACP General Delegation

This is usually done via email.

4. The application file is reviewed by the members of the COLEACP Board of Directors

For ratification or rejection of the application.

5. The application becomes member of COLEACP

Membership of COLEACP gives privileged access to the various services offered by the association, especially all material in the e-library (production guides and training material). Members may also take part in running your “club”, state and share your constraints, look for and find solutions and means for expanding your business.