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AO 221270

Support the COLEACP Team in the provision of technical information on new EU policies, regulatory and non-regulatory measures and their implications for developing and emerging countries.

Post date: 12/09/2022

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Terms of Reference - CEI 221265

1. Title of contract

Support services for the communication and visibility of COLEACP and its programmes – Graphic design.
Ref: COLEACP/AO/221265

2. Location

The required interventions do not require the service providers to travel.
However, working meetings can be held remotely, via Zoom for example.

3. Main object (CPV code)

Agri-food chains

4. General address of the contracting authority

5 rue de la Corderie
94586 RUNGIS Cedex

5. Publication of detailed Contract Notice

Internet address of the contracting authority:

6. Procedure

The publication of this Contract Notice launches the first phase of the procedure and is intended to allow candidates to express their interest in bidding. An initial evaluation based on an analysis of the expressions of interest will result in the establishment of a shortlist of candidates deemed suitable to submit tenders.

Stages of the procedure:
Phase 1

  1. Publication of the Contract Notice and submission by candidates of their expression of interest
  2. Establishment of the longlist
  3. Pre-selection based on the application file
  4. Establishment of the shortlist

Phase 2

  1. Launching of the call for tenders (sending of tender documents to short-listed candidates)
  2. Selection based on the files provided by those tendering
  3. Establishment of framework contracts with the selected tenderers

The service providers selected following the consultation will be offered a framework contract, which will specify the financial terms.
In general, the services of the successful tenderers may start from the day of the signature of the framework contract. The interventions of the successful tenderers may extend until the full consumption of the budget allocated.

7. Background information

COLEACP is a non-profit inter-professional association created in 1973 by key players in the international fruit and vegetable trade, whose main objective is to develop an inclusive and sustainable trade in agricultural and food products (in particular fruit and vegetables), primarily in the ACP States, between ACP States and between these countries and the European Union (EU).

From an operational point of view, COLEACP is a technical assistance tool and a network of companies and experts committed to sustainable and inclusive agriculture. Since its creation, COLEACP has managed national, regional and international development projects in the agricultural and food sector in ACP countries, financed by donors.

COLEACP is organised into multiple departments corresponding to COLEACP’s areas of internal expertise: Technical Assistance, Training, Research & Innovation Brokerage, Market Insights, Information & Communication, Regulations & Standards, Access to Finance, and Network and Alliances.

FFM SPS and FFM Plus programmes
Fit For Market SPS: Strengthening sanitary and phytosanitary systems of the ACP horticultural sector
In December 2018, the EC and COLEACP signed a four-year grant contract, “Fit For Market – Strengthening sanitary and phytosanitary systems of the ACP horticultural sector” (FFM SPS), with a total budget of EUR 15 million funded by the European Union (EU) and the Organisation of the ACP States (OACPS) through the 11th European Development Fund (EDF). It is part of the European support to medium and long-term policies aimed at strengthening productive capacities, stimulating innovation and improving the sustainability and competitiveness of the ACP private sector.

The overall objective of this programme is to contribute to poverty reduction, improve food security and safety, and ensure inclusive and sustainable growth by strengthening the ACP agri-food export sector. The specific objective of the programme is to ensure that small ACP producers, farmers’ groups and organisations and MSMEs have access to international and domestic fruit and vegetable markets within a sustainable framework, by helping them to take account of the requirements of these markets, particularly in terms of food safety.

The implementation of this programme aims to build capacity in horticultural safety and plant health both at the level of private sector actors (small producers, farmer groups and organisations, MSMEs, etc.) and at the level of the competent authorities. To this end, COLEACP assists programme beneficiaries in meeting (regulatory) market requirements, including those related to food safety. In addition, COLEACP studies the destination markets for ACP fruit and vegetables, in particular local and regional ACP markets, with a view to gaining a better understanding of their quality and quantity.

Fit For Market Plus: Mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by strengthening the sustainability of the ACP horticultural sector
In November 2021, the EC and COLEACP signed a five-year grant contract, “Fit For Market Plus: Mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by strengthening the sustainability of the ACP horticultural sector”, with a total budget of EUR 25 million financed by the 11th EDF.

Both FFM SPS and FFM+ are part of the intra-ACP cooperation programme between the EU and the Organisation of Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS), formerly ACP Group of States. It is part of European support for medium- and long-term policies aimed at strengthening productive capacities, stimulating innovation, and improving the sustainability and competitiveness of the ACP private sector.

The overall objective of FFM+ is to contribute to poverty reduction and improved food security and nutrition, by supporting the building of a fairer, safer and sustainable agri-food sector in member countries of the OACPS. Despite a disruptive landscape, the first specific objective is to support smallholders, farmer groups and MSMEs to maintain and improve access to national, regional, and international horticultural markets while adapting to changes in the operating environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, in a context of accelerated changes and paradigm shift, the second specific objective is to enable smallholders, farmer groups and MSMEs of the horticultural sector to seize new market opportunities through the development and adoption of safe and sustainable practices, skills and technologies.

The expected results of FFM SPS and FFM+ are complementary and integrated into an overall COLEACP implementation framework aimed at building and strengthening capacity at national and regional levels to ensure that effective and efficient national SPS systems are in place for the ACP horticultural industry.

Other projects implemented by COLEACP (at the launch date of this contract)
As part of the diversification of its funding sources, COLEACP is led to implement other national or multinational programs funded by different donors. Thus, in addition to the FFM SPS and FFM+ programmes, COLEACP is also involved in the implementation of several technical assistance programmes/projects in line with the association’s mission:

  • “Strengthening the phytosanitary control and certification system for the fruit and vegetable sector in Togo”
    (STDF/PG/375) financed by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (FANDC – STDF)
  • “Strengthening of the Phytosanitary Control and Certification System in Guinea” (STDF/PG/498) financed by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (FANDC – STDF)
  • “Improving the sanitary and phytosanitary quality of Penja pepper in Cameroon to facilitate access to international markets” (STDF/PG/593) financed by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (FANDC – STDF)
  • “NExT Kenya: Enhancing Kenyan Horticultural Export” (CRIS 414-898) funded by the EU, aims to increase the contribution of the Kenyan horticultural sector to household incomes and improve food security, food safety and nutrition by strengthening the resilience, integration and sustainability of the country’s horticultural value chains.
  • “AGRINFO – Towards a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system: addressing compliance with EU regulatory and non-regulatory measures” (FOOD 2021/427-777), funded by the EC for a total budget of EUR 7 million. The AGRINFO programme focuses on identifying and monitoring EU policies, regulatory and non-regulatory measures, standards and market trends that have a potential impact on competitiveness, market access and trade dynamics on national, regional, international levels for agricultural operators in partner countries and in the EU.
  • “DEFIA: Support for the agro-ecological transition of the pineapple sector through the implementation of the Programme for the Development of Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Sectors” This programme, financed by ENABEL, aims to enable operators in the pineapple value chain in Benin to begin a gradual transition to agro-ecology, while meeting the requirements of local, regional and international markets.

This list of programmes/projects is not exhaustive. COLEACP may also be entrusted with the implementation of other additional programmes/interventions during the life of this present contract, which will be used in a multi-programme approach. Please refer to COLEACP’s website to learn more about the activities of the Association.

The Information and Communication Department of COLEACP and its programmes
COLEACP’s expertise in this field lies in global, event-based, editorial and media communication and in the production of technical supports. In this way, we design, edit and disseminate news, knowledge and know-how. Each medium or action is tailored to the target groups of the organisation and its programmes (private or public sector beneficiaries, members of the association, development practitioners, partners, employees, etc.).

We do this by producing, using and evolving our digital platforms. In addition, due to the increasing power and intensity of the digitalisation of COLEACP’s activities and programmes, and the growing need of COLEACP’s programme partners in the digital field, there is a need for assistance in the front and backend development and maintenance of these platforms.

Given the diversity, complexity and intensity of existing and future needs, our current internal resources are insufficient to meet them. Hence the launch of this call for tenders, which will result in the contracting of service providers specialising in one, several or all of these areas.
Strategically, training and digital information are key to the development of COLEACP’s activities and programmes.

In the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, the digitalisation of activities has accelerated and has become even more important in our capacity building work with ACP partners and in the visibility of the results of our work.

8. Market description

Overall market objective
This contract concerns the provision of support services for the technical implementation of all ongoing and future COLEACP programmes.
All successful tenderers will be offered a framework contract, which will specify the financial terms.
The objective of this tender is to create a pool of experts with the sought expertise, as described in “Description of the interventions”, who can be mobilised by the COLEACP’s technical team when needed. Services will therefore be required on an as-needed basis and through ordering letters specifying the terms of the assignments.

It is important to note that within this tender, although signing a framework contract is a pre-requisite to work with COLEACP, it does not guarantee that all service providers will be asked to carry out an assignment.

This call for tenders is part of the “Support services for the communication and visibility of COLEACP and its programmes”. The overall objective is the regular provision of services for the creation of information, communication and training materials whose contents have been developed by COLEACP.

In the course of its work, the service provider undertakes to defend and never harm the interests of COLEACP and the beneficiaries of its action as well as the funders of the programmes associated with this work. All the materials produced in the context of the tasks arising from the framework contracts belong to COLEACP.

Description of the interventions
The services to be provided include :

  • Graphic design of various media;
  • The editing of various materials;
  • Quality control of output files ;
  • Delivery of source files (assemblies).

Type of materials to be created or produced
Brochures, reports, studies, folders, manuals, flip charts, roll-ups, posters, illustrations (drawings), etc.

Resources Required
The purpose of this consultation is to select service providers based on their skills and references. Candidates must have the necessary professional experience to carry out the tasks specified in the previous point and demonstrate these qualifications by means of the usual references (professional references).

9. Budget

The maximum value of this Contract Notice is € 299,000.

10. Provisional timetable

Date of publication of this Contract Notice: 07/11/2022
Deadline for receipt of applications (expressions of interest): 07/12/2022
Deadline for publication of the shortlist: 16/12/2022
Expected date for sending invitations to tenders: 16/12/2022
Deadline for submission of tenders: 16/01/2023
Date of notification to the successful bidders: 09/02/2023
Expected start date of the contract: from the date of signature by the 2 contracting parties
The final schedule will be included in the tender documents.

11. Eligibility

Participation is open, under equal conditions, to all natural persons and legal entities (participating individually or in a consortium of bidders) who are nationals of the ACP and EU States and/or listed in Annex 1 to this document. A consortium may be a permanent group with legal status or an informal group created for the purpose of a specific call for tenders. All the members of a consortium (i.e. the lead partner and all other partners) are jointly and severally liable to the contracting authority.

A check will be carried out to ensure that none of the candidate bidders appears on any of the Financial Sanctions Lists (lists designating persons, groups or entities subject to financial sanctions by the United Nations, the EU and France).

The participation of an ineligible natural person or legal entity will result in the automatic exclusion of the application concerned. If this ineligible person is part of a consortium, the application of the entire consortium will be excluded.

12. Prohibition on pre-selected candidates forming groups

Any tenders received from tenderers allied with firms other than those mentioned in the shortlisted application forms will be excluded from the tender procedure. Shortlisted candidates may neither associate nor conclude mutual subcontracting agreements in the context of the contract in question. No more associations will be allowed after the shortlist has been established.

13. Criteria for selecting applications

Selection criteria relating to the technical and professional capacity of the bidder will be applied to candidates. In the case of an application submitted by a consortium, these criteria will apply to the whole consortium.

These criteria ensure that the candidate (or the consortium as a whole) has sufficient skills and experience to perform the contract.

The correct observance of the instructions for sending the application file will also be considered in the evaluation

14. Application form

The bidder should indicate an interest in participating in the call for tenders by applying. If the candidate is pre-selected, the name of the structure indicated on the application file will be used in the shortlist. No further changes (name, consortium or other) will be allowed.
The form is available in English and French, and should be completed in one of these languages.
It includes the following data:

  1. General information on the applicant
  2. The application file:
    • Portfolio of creations (via hyperlink, photos, pdfs, sites, etc.).
    • A brief description of the provider’s equipment
    • A brief description of one and/or more recent and relevant assignments related to the resources required (4000 characters maximum, including spaces).
    • at least 3 relevant professional references with an email address.

The application must be received by COLEACP no later than Wednesday, December 07th, 2022.

15. Communication with COLEACP

If you have any questions regarding this Contract Notice or your application, please email .
Be sure to include Contract Notice reference COLEACP/AO/221265 in the title of your email when communicating with COLEACP.

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