Mission, vision, values


Develop the agrifood trade (especially the fruit & vegetables sector) in an inclusive and sustainable way, primarily in the ACP countries and between them and the European Union.


To be a leading civil society organisation in the area of development cooperation for an inclusive and sustainable agriculture and food production sector offering decent jobs especially to the rural population of the ACP countries and allowing small producers to be key players in  global food security.

Our convictions

  • Allow ourselves to dream.
  • Give equal attention to the three pillars of sustainable development (economic growth, social welfare, environmental balance).
  • Invest in human resources, basing our actions on capacity building and empowerment.
  • Give particular attention to the issues of gender and youth.


Being sincerely and actively involved in the mission of the organization. Individually and collectively.
Improving yourself and making progress other continuously by understanding the needs and by capacity building.
Cultivate the difference as a richness, respect diversity and make it an asset. Do not hesitate to act otherwise, to innovate while being able to adapt to any type of environment.
Exercise your job with professionalism, diligence and aim at tangible results.
Act with benevolence. Place the human being at the center of our advisory and capacity-building activities, both internally and externally.