Market Intelligence

COLEACP monitors regulations on foodstuffs as well as private and corporate quality standards. This enables us to identify changes that a business or organisation should adopt in response to market requirements.

Technical assistance

COLEACP supports businesses and their service providers in developing their technical capacities. For example: setting up a quality or traceability system, obtaining certification, using new inputs, developing self-assessment, etc.


Strengthening capacities often means enhancing skills. COLEACP coordinates group and special training activities in the field or via distance learning to help beneficiaries achieve their goals.

INNOVATION & development

COLEACP develops agricultural solutions to help its members and beneficiaries improve the quality and profitability of their products and services. For example: controllinga pest, adapting to a standard or introducing a new variety.

Information and Communication

COLEACP provides information on our activities in the field and shares thoughts on our mission and work with beneficiaries and development practitioners. COLEACP also ensures a broad distribution of its educational tools and technical guides.


COLEACP defends the interests of ACP agri-food chains on a national and international level, developing relationships with business leaders and governments, policy makers and donors.

Business & Development

Identification and search of business opportunities including though the participation in business forums and fairs. Promotion of ACP origin. Improvement of competitiveness. Facilitating access to finance.