When was COLEACP created?


What is the legal status of COLEACP?

A non-profit organisation (under French law - 1901)

How many members COLEACP?


Does COLEACP have offices in ACP?


COLEACP has offices in Brussels and Paris-Rungis (historic headquarters of the association).

In ACP, COLEACP works with a network of 1,000 local consultants.

What is the cost of membership COLEACP?

150 euros / year.

The amount of the contribution is relatively small because:

  • COLEACP services are mainly funded by grants.
  • The fee should not be a barrier to membership for smaller organisations or ACP producer’s companies.
How is managed COLEACP?

The sovereign organ of the COLEACP is the General assembly. The General assembly consists of all the members of the association. COLEACP is managed by a Board of Directors composed of at least 12 members and at most 18 members, half from ACP countries and half from EU countries. The directors are elected by the General Meeting for a period of three years. The position of director is unpaid.

The Board of Directors meets as often as the interests of COLEACP so require and at least twice a year.

The Board of Directors shall elect from among its members a Bureau composed of a President, a Vice-President (originating in the EU if the President is from the ACP countries and vice versa), a Secretary General and a Treasurer.

The Board of Directors delegates the execution of programs of activities and budgets to a permanent structure, the General Delegation, headed by a Delegate General appointed by the Board of Directors and mandatorily chosen from outside its members.

The Ordinary General Meeting is convened by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, not later than six months after the end of the financial year.

The Extraordinary General Meeting is convened by the Board of Directors or at the request of two thirds of the active members of the Committee.

Which international trade shows participates COLEACP?

In the fruit and vegetable sector:

Each year, COLEACP participates in Fruit Logistica (Berlin, Germany, in early February)

Occasionally, COLEACP participates in EU-ACP business either in Europe or in the ACP forums.

In the field of development cooperation:

COLEACP is regularly represented at international meetings in the field of agriculture and development cooperation.


You have other questions? We invite you to visit the portal COLEACP www.coleacp.org. You can also send them to : network@coleacp.org