Service procurement entitled:

« Support to strengthen the competitiveness of the ACP horticultural industry by complying with SPS requirements of domestic and international markets » Ref.: COLEACP/AO/181083


You can access to the invited tenderers’ list by clicking here.

The tender dossier contains the following (download the complete dossier):

Invitation and instructions for applicants
A.1. Invitation letter
A.2. Instructions for applicants
A.3. List of eligible countries
A.4. General conditions of service contracts (EC document)
Terms of reference – Contract proposal
B.1. Terms of reference
B.2. Model of a framework contract
Evaluation of the offer
C.1. Administrative compliance matrix
C.2. Technical evaluation matrix

Documents to be completed as part of your proposal to be sent to COLEACP
D.1. Submission form
D.2. Eligibility statement
D.3. Legal entity form
D.4. Understanding of the terms of references and methodology
D.5. List of proposed experts
D.6. CV according to the template provided
D.7 Statement of exclusivity
D.8. Financial offer


Your offer should reach COLEACP no later than Friday 11th of January 2019 at 5.30 pm (or office closing time) to the following address:

Programmes Implementation Unit
130, rue du Trône
B – 1050 Brussels - Belgium

Your offer should be sent as a main envelope containing 2 separate envelopes, which are clearly labelled as follows:

Envelope A : Technical offer
Envelope B : Financial offer

Please refer to document A.2. Instructions to Applicants to prepare your dossier and ensure that it fulfils all the administrative requirements.