Full project name


Funding (financial partners)

PRODEFIMA is funded by the EIF Programme and the Government of Guinea

Leader of the Consortium


Technical partners 

AGUIPEX, COLEACP, the Institute of Agricultural Research of Guinea (IRAG), the National Service for Plant Protection and Stored Commodities (NIAW and DS), the National Agency for Agricultural Promotion and Consultation (ANPROCA) the National Confederation of Peasant Organisations of Guinea (CNOPG), the Federation of the Fruit Tree Planters Unions of Upper Guinea and APEK Agriculture.


USD 3 million


2014 - 2017


The overall goal is to help increase the income of players in the mango industry, especially small producers. PRODEFIMA aims to boost the production and sales of the Guinean mango sector, especially export sales. To do so, the project must help:

  • Improve the fiscal and regulatory environment;
  • Improve the productivity and quality of mangoes;
  • Build the capacities for collection, packaging and conservation of mangoes for export;
  • Build the capacities of the stakeholders and organisations in the mango industry and support marketing;
  • Strengthen the institutional framework and capacities of the CAFEX -AGUIPEX management staff (the agency implementing the project).


Mango producers and exporters

Target Countries


Short presentation

The development project of the mango industry in Guinea (PRODEFIMA-Guinea) is headed up by the Guinean Agency for Export Promotion (Aguipex). It is funded with 3 million USD allocated by the International Trade Centre (ITC) of the World Trade Organization, through its Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) development programme.

COLEACP is in charge of building the capacity of these stakeholders. Synergies with the Fruit flies programme are also to be established.