The COLEACP Sustainability Charter


As producers and exporters in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) horticultural industry, and importers in the EU, we are committed to running our operations in a sustainable way. We understand sustainability as an on-going process towards the economic, social and environmental well being of all those we touch with our operations: customers, consumers, workforce, suppliers, local communities and other stakeholders.

We acknowledge the role that our industry can play in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and commit to do business in a way that helps promote these goals. We particularly recognise the role we can
play in up-skilling workers and managers in the agricultural and horticultural sector, leading to better economic, social and environmental outcomes for our industry and the communities we work in. We also recognise the importance of our industry for food security, and of rural development as a driver for wider economic and social development.

We recognise that sustainability requires on-going commitment of us, as individual businesses, as well as working together with others.  This Charter sets out our commitment to sustainability in 7 areas (download the PDF version of the charter):